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Please email or call the office  201-384-3630, if you are aware of an individual who has the basic skills and interest to apply for this part-time position being vacated by Pastor Carolyn Thomas. 


Basic credentials: strong faith relationship with Jesus Christ, creativity, strong organization and communication skills, and teaching experience with children through schools, community groups, or other settings. 


See details on the MINISTRIES page.

JANUARY 8, 2020    

Hi Everyone on this blustery cold winter evening.  
How is your week going?   

Pictures are such a great way of conveying feelings and thoughts.  This little girl takes me back to the thrill of being tossed up in the air and being caught or doing the same when our kids were little (now my grandsons!).   
Do you trust that God is there to catch you?  Do you trust God enough to say, “throw me higher, Lord” ?







Last Sunday’s sermon on being “Anxious for Nothing and Rejoicing in the Lord Always” is attached for your (re)reading and sharing.  The wind gusts today reminded me of the question author Max Lucado asked, using his metaphor of cast iron poles holding up a heavy canvas tent during a storm (in 01-08 sermon).  
“What holds up your belief system?”  Will your beliefs about God withstand the strong winds of life?  












Pastor Carolyn’s sermon this coming Sunday, January 12, is titled “God’s Unfailing Love,” and it is based on life experiences and Psalm 119: 41-48.   
I invite you to read the Psalm and begin reflecting on where God has “caught” you in the midst of a  “midair adventure,” leap of faith or time of hardship.  
PSALM 119:  41-48  NIV 
41 May your unfailing love come to me, LORD, your salvation, according to your promise; 42 then I can answer anyone who taunts me, for I trust in your word.  43 Never take your word of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in your laws.  44 I will always obey your law, for ever and ever. I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.   I will speak of your statutes before kings   and will not be put to shame, 47 for I delight in your commands  because I love them.  48 I reach out for your commands, which I love,   that I may meditate on your decrees. 
While Pastor Carolyn is preaching, I will be having fun with our children in Jesus and Me (J.A.M.)  We’ll be focusing on Matthew 5: 1416 which is about letting Christ’s light shine through us.  I hope you can bring your kids! Please let me know who is coming… After worship we will say “Until Next Time…” to Pastor Carolyn and Nate Thomas who are returning to their family church in Englewood.














God is there to catch us mid-air and to provide opportunities / adventures to make life so very fun and meaningful!

We also have the responsibility of being Christ’s light where there is despair or hardship.   Let’s commit to sharing Christ’s light with those around us and by praying for those in desperate situations as in Puerto Rico and Australia.   


May God’s love lead you to smile…  and may your smile be one that changes the world, one person at a time…    




In the love and peace of Christ,   
Pastor Elaine       


































This video was shared in Worship recently.  The back story needs to be told because it is a witness to our amazing God!


Briefly:  This was the last worship service at Calvary Dumont in a six week series called "Six Steps to Strengthen Your Faith Muscle."  Each Sunday has included a word of witness from individuals from Calvary and beyond.  Each sharing has been thematic to that week's "step" and they've been powerful!


This past Sunday, our focus question was "How does serving others impact your relationship with God?"  I began seeking our "witness/es" about two weeks ago.  First choices, a parishioner who just returned from a medical mission trip to Peru and another member who leads our ministry with those with developmental disabilities.  Both declined for good reasons. Second choices: laity who went on the district trip to Puerto Rico.  None were available.

Third choices:  friends from mission trips to Appalachia Service Project.  Friday noon:  sharing the conversation with inmates from Bergen County Jail as we discussed the question over lunch.  Oh my gosh - that was powerful.  Friday night:  Ask Pastor Peggy Holder Jones (former Supervised Ministry Student at Calvary) if her nephew Zach and daughter Alexa would share.  Their videotape is attached.  It was done last Saturday.  


I CANNOT WAIT TO RESHAPE THE WORSHIP SERVICE AROUND THIS GIFT OF WITNESS VIA VIDEO.  Their story is also a witness to how the Holy Spirit is at work in GNJ!  Listen to the various ministries in GNJ and local churches they shared their gifts and strengthened their faith muscle.  Zach and Alexa were the ones God had in mind all along to be the bearers of witness this morning at Calvary!


Pastor Elaine Wing

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Did you know that the sermon and special music during our service are streamed live on Facebook each week? 


Please tell your friends!  You can watch it live or watch the video at your convenience.  Folks have said they love to watch it if they can’t make it to worship or to listen again! 


We can reach a larger audience if you’ll please “Share” the video on your page.   

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