Thank you to all who participated! 


This event was an amazing success!

Outreach Ministries


  • Monthly Walk In Dinner to persons with disabilities and mental illness.

  • Local and regional home repair - Superstorm Sandy Relief, Habitat for Humanity and Appalachia Service Project.

  • CUMAC in Paterson - multi-service agency with many single and ongoing opportunities year round.

  • Garden for the Hungry - we grow vegetables for CUMAC.

  • Clothing collection for those in need.

  • Visitation with elderly and lonely.

  • Collection of school supplies and Christmas gifts for families and children in need.

  • Collections for global ministries such as ending malaria and other preventable diseases.

  • Distribution of care packages for the military.

  • Special events organized by and for our youth

  •     --   Fun Without Food in February 2017

  •     --   Imagine No More Malaria Marathon in April 2017

Ongoing collections:

  • Non-perishable food for CUMAC and local families

  • Fall/Winter wear for adults & children

Place items in the wooden bin in Narthex (lobby area outside Sanctuary) or tub outside church office door in parking lot.

Calvary UMC's 2013 Sandy Relief Team

 Phlebotomist Melissa Barco, Donor Judy Bjorkman Parker of Closter, Rev. Elaine Wing, Captain Dave Oldewurtel of the Dumont Ambulance Corps and Dumont, and Police Officer Eric Abrahamsen pause to celebrate Parker’s gift of 62 units of life-saving blood.  Another Donor, Eleanor King of Dumont (not pictured) also gave her 62nd unit of blood to Community Blood Services at the October Drive. 


Photo courtesy of Neeta Thomas

                   Next Blood Drive

                 Saturday Dec 28

              10 AM-2 PM

Blood Drive October 19th Results

Thank you to all who gave!!


The results were:


23          Registered Donors

2            Deferred Donors

18          Whole Blood

2            Double Reds

22          Total Red Cells


Each unit helps to save three lives. Thanks to the Dumont Community Blood donors sixty six lives were helped to be saved in New Jersey. Thank you and much gratitude.


Community Blood Drive at Calvary UMC


"If you are looking for reasons to donate blood consider these four:

1.  Every 2.5 seconds someone will need blood.

2.  Each donation can save up to three lives.

3.  Members of the “On the Wings Band” entertain you while you donate in an air-conditioned room.

4.  The Drive, which is co-sponsored by the Dumont Police Department, Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps, On the Move Signs and Graphics, and Calvary United Methodist Church will take place at the church from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  The church is located at 185 West Madison between Cooper and Prospect streets in Dumont. 


Although “walk-ins” are welcome, organizers encourage prescheduling your appointment so that equipment and staffing are reduce any wait time.  Call toll free at 201-251-3703 to make an appointment.  


Donors are reminded to eat a substantial meal or snack before donating and to drink plenty of fluids the day before, and of, the Drive. It only takes about an hour to donate whole blood (about 10 minutes are spent donating) while platelets require more time and an appointment is advised.

All blood types are needed especially O Negative and platelets.  Persons in good health as well as those whose diabetes is under control are generally able to give blood.



2013. Calvary United Methodist Church in Dumont, New Jersey

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