CHURCH CUSTODIANS  Claudia & Pablo Parra

Claudia and Pablo Parra have four children and one grandson.  Originally from South America, it isn't a surprise that soccer is a favorite hobby for Pablo and the boys.  But, they also enjoy music, and whatever activity they can do as a family, especially family movie nights.  They love to help others especially working with children.  We are very blessed to have them take care of God’s house at 185 W. Madison Ave!


Barb has been the secretary here at Calvary UMC since 2009.  She lives in Fair Lawn with her husband Eddie, two daughters Kayla & Kimberly, and their 2 Goldendoodles Ruby & Daisy.    BK (Before Kids) she worked in banking.  She recently "retired" from managing the Fair Lawn High School Marching Band, Indoor Percussion, and Winter Guard ensembles, groups she is very proud of!  She is an active volunteer and has served in leadership positions with the Fair Lawn Association for Special Education, Friends of Music, PTA Council, and the American Institute of Banking.  Barb is in the office at Calvary UMC 1-2 half days per week.  You'll find Barb to always be helpful and very caring!




Could it be you?

Please email or call the office  201-384-3630, if you are aware of an individual who has the basic skills and interest to apply for this part-time position vacated by Pastor Carolyn Thomas. 


Basic credentials: strong faith relationship with Jesus Christ, creativity, strong organization and communication skills, and teaching experience with children through schools, community groups, or other settings. 


Ace has studied classical piano/ contemporary music for over 12 years, and also sings. She graduated from Montclair State University, with a BFA in Fine Arts, and a minor in Italian.


"Although it brings me great joy making music for myself, and or listening to it is as a pastime, it is not only my joy of making music that drives me to be a musician, but the power it has in bringing people together. As a musician I have witnessed music heal, bring people together, and have used it in my own life as my voice and form of comfort. Throughout college and after I have worked in multiple nursing homes and rehabilitation centers as an Activity Assistant. I have cared for, and worked with the elderly using both my art and music background in programs. While working as an activity assistant I have witnessed the power of music. I have seen Alzheimer residents who have forgotten how to speak, suddenly sing every word to a song that was played during their wedding, or a Veteran who was non responsive suddenly stand up to the patriotic hymn, “God Bless America” reminding them of their proud army days sailing across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II."


Ace is a proud part of the Calvary United Methodist Church as Music Director managing the choir and working with the OTW (On the Wings Band). Through music she is reminded of how God’s love can be seen and heard in many unexplainable ways through the experiences she's witnessed in the power of its healing.


"Ultimately, through the music I create and people I encounter on my musical journey I hope to bring a sense of comfort and or healing— one reason I am grateful and proud to be the Music Director, and part of the OTW Band of Calvary Church. May God continue to use me as a vessel of his love through the music I share and the beautiful voices, and talented band members I work with."


PASTOR   Elaine Wing

Rev.  Elaine Wing ("Elaine")  has been our Pastor since 2006, expanding the congregation's outreach in the community and deepening our relationship with God as disciples of Jesus Christ.  What gets Elaine excited is seeing God's love in action.  She describes that as people reaching out to help others with the unique talents God gave them; the church being bold in their vision for improving the lives of people through advocacy, justice and mission; and folks being active in worship, interfaith, and spiritual growth opportunities. 


Elaine also greatly values what she calls the "sacred journey with folks during the joys and challenges of their lives."  She works with people of other faith traditions in an effort to bring greater peace, understanding and community to our diverse region.  We've enjoyed many Interfaith events with God's people representing Judaism and Islam as well as other faiths.  Elaine has also enjoyed helping people of other faiths with weddings and funerals.

She is a native Southern Californian who chose to migrate to NJ! Nutty, we know!  She has two adult children, Matt and Meagan, who are both married. Her greatest joy are her identical twin grandsons Conner and Owen,  her new granddaughter Olivia, and an amazing Boxer dog named Leah.  Elaine earned her Master of Divinity from Drew Theological School after a career in Public Relations.     




2013. Calvary United Methodist Church in Dumont, New Jersey

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